September rainfall in New Albany well below normal

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It will be no surprise to gardeners and farmers that New Albany rainfall was very low in September 2022.

Weather watcher Joe Wilson reports that his carefully watched rain gauge on the northside of New Albany recorded only .51 inch of rain for the 30 days of September. That half inch of rain compared to nearly three times as much last September, when 1.48 inches of rain fell.

However, it was not a record low. Six years ago — September 2016 — New Albany had only one-tenth of an inch of rainfall.

Going back 11 years, other September rain amounts recorded by Joe Wilson were:

2012  6.3 inches

2013  4.24 inches

2014  .7 inches

2015   .5 inches

2017   2.13 inches

2018  10.17 inches

2019   .62 inches

2020  3.79 inches