Sheriff needs facts, not Facebook gossip; “social media” hindering search for Jessica Stacks    

NEMiss.News social media hindering search


As the search for missing Jessica Stacks goes into its 12th day, the work of law enforcement officers is increasingly frustrated by activity on so-called “social media.”

Tens of thousands of northeast Mississippians have followed the news about Stacks and her mysterious disappearance New Year’s Day on NEMiss.News, WTVA, WLBT, etc.

Interest in the story about what happened to Stacks has triggered a huge babble of discussion on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Concerned people, including several wannabe detectives, have flooded social media with theories, assumptions, “facts” and speculation about what may have happened to the 28-year-old woman. She is said to have disappeared from a boat in which she was riding with Jerry Wayne Baggett.

NEMiss.News Divers on Tallahatchie

Divers search the Tallahatchie River in missing person recovery attempt.

Scores of law enforcement and emergency management people have put in thousands of man hours searching for Stacks. Their work has been handicapped by loose talk on social media. The people whose duty it is to try to find out what happened to Stacks, have wasted countless hours and resources running down rumors and alleged “facts” circulated on Facebook, private messaging, etc.

Union County Sheriff Jimmy Edwards makes this simple request:

“If you have real information that may help us find out what happened to Jessica Stacks, call us. Call 662-534-1941. That number is answered by a trained dispatcher 24/7.

“The dispatchers will quickly contact me. I or one of my deputies, will interview you as soon as possible on the telephone or face-to-face to find out what you know and how you know it.

“We have too many people hiding behind their damned computer keyboards, spreading unreliable speculation, and it’s making our work much, much harder. If you really know something, call us. Again, the number is 662-534-1941.

NEMiss.News 4-wheeler stuck

During search a four wheeler was stuck, winched from mud of Tallahatchie River bottom area.

“We are more determined than ever to find out what happened to Jessica Stacks, but we need you to tell us directly if you actually know anything. Stop wasting our time and yours kicking it around on Facebook, text messages and so on.

“We need hard facts, not gossip.

“This idle gossip and speculation on social media is not only hindering our investigation, it is adding to the pain of those who have lost her.”

“Call us 24/7 at 662-534-1941 if you actually know anything about what may have happened. We thank you for any hard facts you can give us,” Edwards concluded.


Who has searched for Stacks, and how:

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