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Windham TV & Appliance has been serving Union County and the surrounding area for over 51 years. Herman and Dorothy Windham founded the business in 1972 and have been the owner-operators ever since. It’s their business to know everything about the most popular and reliable appliance manufacturers around.

Go to the experts! Windham TV & Appliance

Windham TV & Appliance

Herman and  Dorothy Windham

You may soon be purchasing a new home, redecorating a few rooms or just replacing an old appliance. Why accept less than the best expertise, which is conveniently available right here in New Albany? The Windhams are specialized professionals, with the area’s largest available inventory of appliances.

Windham has long-standing relationships with the biggest manufacturers, and knows all of their products inside and out. Thinking of a new TV? Windham sells Plasma, LCD and LED TV’s, Smart TV’s, 3D TV’s. Do you need a new appliance? Windham can help you select the perfect washer/dryer, oven, cook top, dishwasher, range or refrigerator.

Windham TV & Appliance in New Albany: Your first and only stop!

Dorothy and Herman Windham have been focused on providing appliances for over 51 years. They love the appliance business. It’s what they do, and they know it like no one else. They are uniquely prepared to give you advice on style and budget when purchasing, and to provide service for the life of the appliance.

Windham’s service and repair shop is located in the store for in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs. Windham provides on-site service after the sale. It is a Warranty Service Center for Electrolux, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, LG, Toshiba, Philips, and Samsung.

As a result of their expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction at Windham TV & Appliance, customers receive appliances that fit their needs and budget. Then, they get exceptional service for the life their appliances.

Reasons to shop at Windham TV & Appliance

• Shop where experts will gladly help you choose the right home appliance to match your budget, needs, and style.
• Shop where it’s easy to protect your new investment with professional installation and the best warranties available anywhere.
• Shop where you will receive exceptional service for the life of your new purchase.

Windham TV & Appliance, 131 West Bankhead St. in New Albany. Phone: 662-534-9718.

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